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 Vikhotels sigue apoyando el deporte y a los atletas locales

Vik Hotels continues to support the sport and the local athletes


On the 5th May the competition Epic 5 began, consisting of 5 Ironman distances in 5 days on 5 islands of Hawai. From day 5 to day 9, on each island, 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of bicycle and 42.2 km of foot race were covered, resting very few hours between one test and another. Patricio Doucet, an ultra distance athlete sponsored by the Vik Hotel San Antonio on Lanzarote, was on the 2nd place in the overall ranking, playing a great role in this test and showing his incredible physical form. In the year 2015 Patricio made the 7 Ironman on the 7 Canary Islands, something that until now nobody has been able to repeat. Congratulations!

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