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Who we are - VMAR turismo

VMAR turismo is an international company devoted to tourism-related product marketing, management and advising. The companys main goal is to complement and optimise sales and marketing activities aimed at hotel chains, independent hotels and public and private organisations related to the tourism industry.

At VMAR, we offer our own sales structure that creates synergies for the different companies of the marketing firm.

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalised and hooked on new technologies, having a consistent and reliable platform allows us to market products on-line and is always able to adapt to the needs of hotels from a wide range of different markets and segments. Thus, VMAR turismo allows its clients to deal with the market directly, without having to depend so much on middlemen. By employing the right information, promotion and sales tools, the client will enjoy heightened benefits whilst wasting fewer resources.


To be a Spanish tourism group that is a leader in profitability, in project quality and in service with a preferential strategic position in the holiday and urban travel business without dismissing other possibilities.

Why VMAR turismo?

Because we are comprised of professionals with consolidated experience. Because we offer customised services. Because we work with the latest technologies in its E-business Department. Because we cover every segment and market according to the characteristics of each product. Because we can obtain significant savings on the investment represented by having your own sales structure. Because of the recognition gained by belonging to a directory. Because of the advantages of collective bargaining. Because of the synergies created by having different offices. Because of the security in the face of competitors and the pressure given by tour operators. Because it is versatile, modern, quick and able to solve problems in a competitive market.

Ricardo Martínez Marrero

CEO VIK hotels

With more than 35 years of experience in commercial management of different hotel chains in Spain and the Americas, he consolidated his career in Barceló, where for 20 years he held various positions until becoming Commercial Director for America and later for the whole Chain. He was appointed as member of the Management Committee thanks to his worth. He was in charge of the unification of the commercial departments of Europe and America, as well as the positioning of the company in new destinations in America, from Uruguay to Canada, through Venezuela, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Costa Rica.

He was later a member of the Board of Directors of the IFA Hotel & Touristik for 3 years, a German chain that was solidly established in the Canary Islands, Central Europe and the Dominican Republic, where he developed an intense expansion in Europe and America.

In 2007, he returned to the unifying tasks in leading the project to join the commercial areas of IFA Hotels and Lopesan Hotels & Resorts and from the end of that year he is the Commercial Area Counselor at VIK hotels group.

Caroline Paatzsch

Director of Contracting

With more than 16 years experience in the hospitality industry, she has carried out various tasks related to the customer service area, including as shift supervisor at the reception of the hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort.

From there, she joined the Lopesan Hotels Group commercial and sales department, as part of the promotion and marketing area. Her tasks, among others, included the organization and execution of Famtrips in the hotels of the group, the planning and assistance of national and international tourism fairs and their support on behalf of the hotel chain, as well as the preparation and monitoring of marketing campaigns and specific promotional events for the hotels.

In April 2010, she joined the team of VMAR turismo as responsible for the contracting in Europe for hotels in America. Since May 2018, she is also in charge of the hotels in Spain as Director of Contracting in Europe.

Antonio Segura Cantero

Commercial Director E-business area

Develops his professional career in the online commercial field with 15 years of experience in several hotel chains, in travel agencies and in general with companies of the tourist environment.

He began his commercial work in 2005 as a Webmaster with Grupo Dunas, where he launched a new website in 2007 with excellent results and collaborated as a freelance with the travel agency Canarias Select for three years.

In 2009, he joined the commercial team of the Gloria Palace Thalasso & Hotels chain, launching a new website with great success, marketing the Thalasso and Spa centers and establishing the bases of the e-commerce department. Prizes obtained in this company stand out for his innovative commercial ideas, which were implanted later.

He joined the company in 2016 as a webmaster at Loro Parque and Siam Park and joined the VIK hotels team in 2017 as an E-Business Commercial Director with the aim of strengthening and optimizing sales on B2C channels , B2B and mainly on the Web itself by developing, coordinating and planning the sales strategy through these channels.

Beatriz de la Nuez Mayor

Offline B2B account support

IFA Hotels & Resorts and Lopesan Hotels & Resorts stand out among the chains with which she has maintained a working relationship, where she began carrying out administrative tasks in the collection management of several hotels in the chain, joining the commercial department as an assistant in that area to finish with support to the commercial and marketing department. She worked as an assistant manager at one of the hotels in the H10 Hotels portfolio, as a member of the training programme for future managers, until joining VMAR in June 2008.

At VMAR, she started working for the E-Business department in online contracting. Later and until today, she has been part of the traditional area, in which she develops her own tasks of contracting, supervising publications and other marketing actions, as well as support for the department responsible for hotels in Spain.

Alejandra Lemus

Management B2C accounts

After several years working in DHL Guatemala in charge of Customer service, carrying out personalized logistic tasks, management and contact with clients, she moved to Gran Canaria where she began her tourist career in 2003 in the Gloria Thalasso & Hotels Chain, holding various positions in different departments such as Reception, Groups and Events as well as in the department of Reservations and Revenue.

In October 2018 she joins VMAR Turismo to carry out the tasks of the Commercial Department of E Business.

Victoria Vega González

Management B2C accounts

She has always developed her professional career focusing on the customer, working as a receptionist for the Satocán group, at the Marina Suites Hotel and at the -Salobre Golf- golf course, and for the NH Hoteles chain, at the NH Imperial Playa hotel, developing tasks such as direct customer service, management and processing of reservations, administrative management, and other tasks related to the position. She also brings to her professional career work experience in Geshotels, a company dedicated to conducting quality audits in hotel establishments.

In December 2015, she joined VMAR as an assistant in the E-business Commercial Department and her main tasks are focused on providing support in all tasks of the department, specializing in the marketing of hotel products on the VIK Hotels website and other portals.

Teresa Hernández Juan-Roca

Content Manager Web and Community Manager

After 16 years of teaching at the secondary school in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, she joined VIK Hotels Group in 2009 as an assistant in the administration of the restaurant and hotel of the Real Club Golf de Las Palmas, carrying out administration and management tasks such as control of delivery notes, inventories, evaluation of costs breakdowns, product costs, invoices and collection management, as well as public relations and event organization both in the Golf Club restaurant and in the Posada hotel.

In 2012, she joined the VMAR turismo Group as an online recruitment assistant (b2b) in the E-business Commercial Department, providing support in the tasks of the department.

Currently developing her professional activity as Community Manager of VIK hotels group, among its functions is the support and application of strategies in the social media marketing plan, monitoring trends on the web, communication with the public of social networks, content development of the web and realization of online reputation reports among others.

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