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Communication - VMAR turismo

In order to gain insight into and understand the aims of our clients, and to therefore meet their expectations, communication is quite simply the cornerstone on which the relationship between clients and market agents is built.

At VMAR turismo, we work diligently on a daily basis so that our clients feel calm and safe in entrusting their objectives to us.

With this in mind, clients receive procurement reports following each significant negotiation, periodic updates to procurement summaries, reports on campaigns, copies of publications concerning specific actions for particular hotels and corporate actions, as well as monthly sales statistics. The ultimate aim of this hard work is to tighten our relationship with our clients and to keep them regularly informed of any work that VMAR turismo may be carrying out.

VMAR turismo will regularly provide each client the information listed below:

- Reports after each important negotiation. - Regular updates of booking summaries. - Reports on campaigns carried out in each market. - Copies of specific actions exclusively for the hotel being managed. - Copies of corporate actions. - Sales statistics (origin of reservations, fulfilment of traditional TTOO, B2B, B2C, etc.). - In addition, a regular meeting plan will be set up with each client.

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